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FROMMYR 92,288.47
  • EXTERIORSwept-back, elongated headlamps and long, flowing character lines are signature elements of the "fluidic sculpture" design theme.
  • INTERIORThe Elantra sets new standards in interior design, proving once again why leadership in compact car design has been the foundation of Hyundai's reputation.
  • PERFORMANCEElantra engines and transmissions boast major engineering improvements. They’re made of lightweight aluminum and incorporate such exotic new technologies as Continuously Variable Valve Timing for minimal fuel consumption and emissions and more power.
  • SAFETYHyundai engineers were uncompromising in designing the Elantra's active and passive safety systems.
  • CONVENIENCEA private oasis of comfort and relaxation, the Elantra offers every amenity and convenience you'd expect.
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More than urban A front that stirs the emotions, a stylish profile, and an unforgettable back...
Elantra makes the city more brilliant
Projection headlamp with LED light guide LED light guides have been added to the headlamps for a more modern and high-tech image. The design of the new fog lamps takes Elantra’s sophisticated look one step further.
*1.6 Premium & 1.8 Premium only
Front fog lamps Newly designed sharp and refined fog lamps, which are optional, complete the sporty yet strong front end style.
Front bumper With the emphasis on details, the all new front fascia is not only luxurious, but also gives an impressing of solid quality.
With a delicious profile,
it’s pure attraction on wheels
If you find yourself feeling excited looking at the Elantra’s side character lines,
muscular wheel arches and lower roofing, don't worry: It’s a common side effect.
Outside mirror repeaters The side mirror repeaters are brilliantly integrated into Elantra’s overall design. These details increase visibility and offer added safety and visual appeal.
Alloy wheels New alloy wheels sporting an updated look that expresses Elantra’s urban image are proposed in 16″ & 17″ sizes. Lightweight but strong, they provide a dynamic sense of driving.
Make an impression
that lasts, from
any angle
With a voluminous rear bumper and
elongated rear combination lamps, the
Elantra is many things you don’t often
see together: athletic & luxurious,
stable & graceful, strong & agile.
Rear combination lamps Rear combination lamps featuring a design that is even more elegant and sophisticated than before add the perfect finishing touch to Elantra’s stylish rear.
Rear bumper Newly designed black two-tone rear bumper gives stable and sporty image.

  • Radiator grille
    A sleek radiator grille with sharp, sophisticated details reinforces the luxuriousness of Elantra.

  • High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL)
    The High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) not only adds an accent to the rear of Elantra, but also helps to secure a safe distance with the car behind.

  • Beltline chrome molding
    Optional chrome molding that flows door beltline enhances premium image.

  • Chrome-coated outside handles
    Optional chrome-coated outside handles sporting a sophisticated design offer superior grip and add a sense of elegance to Elantra’s profile.
Think about the feeling What kind of feeling do people seek in their driving space? A space where music can touch
you and where the smallest detail can warm your heart? That’s why inside Elantra, we decided to
incorporate only the real.
Supervision cluster with 3.4″OLED display The supervision cluster, with its high-tech design, adopts an OLED display that is clearer than the conventional dot-type display for increased readability and information delivery.
*All models except 1.6 Elegance
Dual zone full auto air conditioning system with ionizer The full auto air conditioning system with cluster ionizer keeps the air inside the car pleasant and maintains it at the desired temperature. With this function, everyone in the car can experience a more comfortable ride wherever they are seated.
*1.8 Premium only
  • MD_interior_common01
    Flex steer system
    The Flex SteerTM system allows drivers to choose from normal, comfort, and sport modes according to their preference and driving conditions. The normal mode is adequate for regular driving conditions while the comfort mode lets drivers enjoy lighter steering, for instance, in the city. The sport mode can be chosen for heavier steering or high speed driving.
    *All models except 1.6 Elegance
  • MD_interior_common02
    Steering wheel remote control system
    The steering wheel remote control lets drivers use audio and other functions conveniently while driving without distracting their view to help them drive safely.
  • MD_interior_common03
    Overhead console
    A sunglasses case is provided for in a spot that is convenient to reach even while driving.
  • MD_interior_common04
    Storage system (cup holders)
    Cup holders with a simple, clean-cut design convey the care and attention that has been given to even the smallest detail in Elantra.

Gamma 1.6 MPi

Gamma 1.6 MPi

Nu 1.8 MPi

Nu 1.8 MPi
Hyundai’s stated goal is to become the world leader in fuel efficiency and these engines prove it. The 1.6ℓ Gamma engine is equipped with Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing to boost horsepower output (130ps) and lower exhaust emissions while improving fuel economy to best-in-class. Peak torque measures 16.0kg⋅m/4,850rpm. The aluminum 1.8ℓ Nu engine is capable of a maximum 150ps while its peak torque rating of 18.2kg⋅m is reached at 4,700rpm.
  • Gamma 1.6 MPi
  • Nu 1.8 MPi
6-speed automatic transmission The automatic transmission, with an enhanced grip thanks to the ergonomic design, ensures maximum driving satisfaction with its high-precision response and exceptional durability.
Auto cruise control Auto cruise control allows drivers to preset their desired speed for a drive without stepping on the pedals.
*1.8 Premium only
  • MD_performance_common01
    15" front disk brakes
    15" front disk brakes with exceptional braking power ensure a safer drive under diverse road conditions.
Control (ESC)
ESC continuously tracks how the driver maneuvers the steering wheel in comparison to the actual rotation of the car. It automatically applies braking to each wheel allowing the driver to have complete control over the movement of the car. In particular, ESC effectively controls the car from skidding when cornering
6-airbag system Elantra comes with 6 airbags: dual front airbags for the driver and passenger plus dual front seat-mounted airbags and dual side curtain airbags which offer additional protection against side impacts. Please note that airbag configuration may vary by where you are.
*1.6 Premium & 1.8 Premium only
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) Emergency braking can cause a vehicle’s wheels to
lock up and skid, resulting in a loss of steering control right
when you need it most. ABS helps prevent your wheels from locking
up under hard braking. Instead, it rapidly pulses the brakes so you
can steer safely to a stop.

  • Child anchor system
    Built-in child anchor system helps young parents with infants to travel in safety by allowing them to mount child seats in a more secure way.

  • Speed sensing auto door lock When the car reaches a certain speed the doors will automatically (option) lock. No need to worry about accidental openings or kids fooling around with door handles.

  • Seat belt pre-tensioners
    Upon sensing impact, the optional seat belt pre-tensioner rolls back the belt to create maximum contact between you and the seat to minimize injuries.
  • MD_performance_common02
    Advanced high-strength steel
    No ordinary run-of-the-mill-steel, the ultra-high tensile strength steel is a high-performance special steel alloy applied to critical areas of the body shell where additional strength reinforcement is required. The benefit is superior crash-worthiness.
Add consideration A private oasis of comfort and relaxation, the Elantra offers every amenity
and convenience you'd expect.
Audio visual navigation (AVN) The Android operating system allows social networking based navigational systems to be used to avoid heavy traffic. Gain access to your phone's applications via the car’s navigation screen with MirrorLink function for both Android and iOS based mobile phones.
*1.8 Premium only
Rear-view display system The rear-view display system recognizes the angle at which drivers are holding the steering wheel and shows them the trajectory to follow to help them park the car more conveniently from the back.
*All models except 1.6 Elegance
Driver's seat adjustment system The driver’s seat adjustment function provides a multitude of possibilities with its sliding, reclining, height adjuster, tilt and electric lumbar support modes allowing each driver to find his/her optimal seat position.

  • Smart key
    There’ll be no more fumbling for the key in your pocket with this available feature. The Elantra recognizes your Smart Key and, with a push of a button on the door handle, immediately unlocks the door for you. Then you can get in, press the ignition button and go.

  • Rear seat folding system (6:4 Type)
    Rear seats are not only comfortable, but can also be transformed into additional cargo space for large or long loads by conveniently being folded into a 6:4 ratio.

  • Auto light control
    The auto light control senses the change of light intensity surrounding the car and automatically turns the lights on or off. With this function, drivers do not have to operate the switches themselves.
    *All models except 1.6 Elegance

  • Engine start/stop button
    The engine can be turned on and off with the touch of a button, making the start and finish of driving Elantra even more convenient
    *All models except 1.6 Elegance

  • Rain sensor
    A built-in rain sensor senses the amount of rainfall and automatically controls the speed of the wipers. Aero blade wipers with superior adhesiveness ensure increased visibility.
    *1.8 Premium only

  • Connectivity (USB and AUX)
    Optional AUX and USB input jackets allow drivers to connect and listen to various audio devices conveniently.

  • Rear air ventilation
    Rear air ventilation keeps the air temperature pleasant for passengers seated in the back.
    *All models except 1.6 Elegance
Choose a Specification
Category Passenger Car
Model Name Elantra
Body Type 4 Door
Seats 5 Seats
* Price MYR92,288.47
Engine Label Gamma 1.6 Dual CVVT
Engine Capacity 1.6
Fuel System MPI
Displacement (cc) 1591
Max. Power Label 130 / 6,300
Max. Power (ps) 130
Max. Power (kW) 95.3
Max. Power (rpm) 6300
Max. Torque Label 16.0 / 4,850
Max. Torque (kg.m) 16
Max. Torque (Nm) 157
Max. Torque (rpm) 4850
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves of Cylinder 16
Transmission Type 6 Speed Automatic FWD
Drive Type Automatic
Gear (Speed) 6
Drive Configuration FWD
Overall Length (mm) 4550
Overall Width (mm) 1775
Overall Height (mm) 1445
Wheel Base (mm) 2700
Front Wheel Tread (mm) 1549
Rear Wheel Tread (mm) 1562
Front Over Hang (mm) 865
Rear Over Hang (mm) 985
Boot Capacity
Boot Area(SAE) 420
Boot Area(VDA) 485
Wheels & Tire
Front Wheels 6.5JX16
Rear Wheels 6.5JX16
Front Tires 205/55R16
Rear Tires 205/55R16

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