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FROMMYR 154,888.00
  • EXTERIOR - Reflector headlamps
    - Daytime Running Lights
    - Fog lamps
    - Stylish front grille and bumper
    - Automatic sliding door*
    - Spoiler
  • INTERIOR - Swivel seats
    - Multi-purpose seating
  • Performance PERFORMANCE - 2.5 CRDi Engine with VGT
    - 5-Speed Auto Transmission with sports mode
    - Excellent Suspension
    - Maneuver made easy
  • SAFETY - Dual airbags
    - ESP and ABS
    - Front and rear parking camera
    - Front and rear parking assist system
  • CONVENIENCE - Air conditioning system
    - Audio visual navigation
    - DVD player with 7" LCD screen
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Space, Style and Substance

With its enhanced exterior features, the Hyundai Starex takes things to a whole new level of grandeur. The strong and reliable exterior is
complemented by a comfortable, convenient and spacious interior to meet all your needs. The all-new Starex is the ideal multi-purpose vehicle
to take you wherever you may go.

  • Reflector Headlamps
    Four lamps vertically aligned and optimally designed for efficient, effective lighting and providing aesthetic beauty at the same time; the Starex is stylish and luxurious.

  • Crystal Tail Rear Lamps
    The lamp clusters wrap around the sides and group together the rear lights, reversing light, direction indicators and reflectors.

  • New Front Bumper with
    LED Daytime Running Light (DRL)
    Stylish and dynamic, the new front bumper comes with LED Daytime running light (DRL) which remain illuminated during the day while the vehicle is being operate to warn pedestrians and other drivers about the presence of the car.

  • Automatic Sliding Door (Premium - Left Side Auto Only / Deluxe - Both Sided)
    The ultimate multipurpose van simplifies things at a push of a button. Besides opening and closing automatically, it even comes with a safety sensor that detects any obstacles and immediately stops it from closing.

  • DRL on wing mirrors
    First of its kind, the Daytime Running Lights are built into the side mirrors which also double up as signal lights, a good example of New Thinking, New Possibilities.

  • New Front Grille and Bumper
    Stylish and dynamic, the new front grille gives the Grand Starex Royale bold, aggressive aura while the sleek bumper proudly display its striking appearance.

  • New Side Skirting
    Designed to serve aerodynamic purpose, it also accentuates the sporty frame of the Grand Starex Royale and make it look slimmer and sleeker.

  • New Rear Bumper
    Flamboyant and elegant, the redesigned new rear bumper which houses the reverse sensors gives it a truly distinct personality when viewed from the back.

  • 3-way washer nozzle
    Redesigned high efficiency 3-way washer nozzles add clarity of vision without disturbing the flowing frontal treatment.

  • 16″ Alloy or Steel Wheels
    These light alloy wheels are an option to the standard steel wheels in most countries.

Luxury For Long Journeys

The Hyundai Starex is perfect for long journeys and has every creature comfort built-in to keep the driver and passengers relaxed along the way. With the ability to accommodate any combination of passengers and luggage, this 11-seater Grand Starex Royale makes everything possible.

  • 11 - seater with
    Adjustable Seat Formation
    Whether it’s hauling lots of cargo, or hauling lots of passengers with their luggage; the Starex seats are adaptable and adjustable to make any trip, whatever your needs may be.
    *Only applicable for Premium and Deluxe variants.

  • Power window controls
    Typical of the attention to detail, the driver’s door arm rest neatly incorporates the switches for the powered window lifts and rear view mirror adjusters.

  • Multi-switch panel
    There are more neat design touches on the fascia panel for the controls for the fog lights and the rheostat.

  • Back seat tray
    A cubby hole for items between the rear seats on some models doubles as an open tray and a holder for a couple of drinks.

  • Sun visor
    The sun visor on the driver’s side doubles as a handy pocket for motorway stickers and delivery documents

  • Sunglasses Compartment
    Hassle-free and conveniently reachable by driver.

  • Door lights
    Alight whenever the car door opens, it provides decent illumination when entering and exiting the car.

  • Swivel seats
    Passengers in the second-row seats can adjust their seating with a 180 degrees swivel to help make your journey a sociable one.

  • Seat bench tip-up
    The bench for the fourth row of seats tips up and slides to yield more space for luggage.

  • Dual door pocket
    For all the magazines, maps and paperwork that are essential on journeys, the front doors feature a clever combination of dual pockets.


Power, refinement
and quality

The Grand Starex Royale delivers excellent performance and fuel economy,
complemented by Hyundai's rugged dependability and eco-friendliness. This MPV
features 5-speed auto transmission. For optimum weight distribution and dynamic
balance, the front-mounted engine powers the rear wheels. Passive safety features
include a sturdy body and chassis unit, a full complement of front airbags and Electronic
Stability Programme (ESP) with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

  • A 2.5 CRDi (VGT)
    Fuel Type : Diesel
    Displacement : 2,497cc
    Max. Power : 170ps / 3,600rpm
    Max. Torque : 392Nm / 2,000~2,500rpm

    The Grand Starex Royale delivers excellent performance and fuel economy. For optimum weight distribution and dynamic balance, the front-mounted engine powers the rear wheels. Passive safety features include a sturdy body/chassis unit, dual air bags and anti-lock brakes.

  • Auto transmission 5-speed auto transmission with sports mode for
    2.5 VGT diesel engine is now available in
    general region. This has been developed to
    make every aspect of driving more secure and

  • Excellent suspension With a remarkably flexible design with MacPherson Strut at the front and five-link coil springs at the rear, a sufficient combination to cope when the vehicle is fully laden, yet compliant enough to provide a comfortable ride."

  • Maneuvers made easy Tight spaces in city centres or on country backroads are no problem for the Starex driver. Despite having a length of more than five metres, the vehicle’s turning circle is no more than 5.6 metres.

Safety with Power and Performance

Driving the all-new Starex will make you feel more confident and secure. Hyundai assures good performance, complemented by rugged dependability
and eco-friendliness. Also, optimised airbag systems are designed to protect driver and passengers from harm.

  • Dual airbags
    For better crashworthiness, driver’s and passenger’s airbag is provided. They help keep the driver and passenger safely in position and minimize any likelihood of debris penetration to create an effective safety zone.
  • Reliable Braking System
    The vehicle's powerful braking system with ABS allows the Grand Starex Royale to slow down quickly, safely and in straight line, even on slippery roads.


  • Safe drive recorder
    This device allows you to record videos while you drive to ensure that passengers and pedestrians alike remain safe.


  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    Allows for greater control when braking suddenly, by manipulating brake pressure and engine output to allow you to steer effectively during emergency braking.



A deliberate and easy
sense of comfort

Enter the Grand Starex Royale and the feeling is one of sheer
spaciousness and comfort. Look at around you and you will immediately
see small but significant quality of details. For example, the 6-speaker
stereo fits seamlessly into the soft touch surround of the centre console.
How the vanity mirrors is lit. The way the sunglass holder smoothly opens.
Turn on the air conditioning and notice the different quality about incorporated
roof-mount air vents for rear passengers. Of course there is more, as you
would expect when Hyundai builds a world class challenger.

  • 6 ceiling air vents Six large and efficient ceiling mounted vents ensure occupants are comfortable cooled throughout the journey.

  • Front and rear parking assist system Sensors in the bumpers sound an audible alarm if they detect the vehicle is being reversed into objects hidden from the driver’s view.

  • Overhead display monitor Passengers can choose to watch their favourite DVD movies and programmes via a clear 7-inch LCD screen.

  • Front & Rear View Camera A feature for added safety and convenience when parking. With a rearview camera that shows you precisely how much space you have to reverse, reversing the Grand Starex Royale is just so easy.

  • PA710 audio
    The top choice when it comes to Grand Starex Royale audio systems - a radio, CD player, MP3 player and USB AUX.

  • H800 audio
    A favourite when it comes to audio systems - a high quality radio with an in-built cassette player and USB AUX.

  • Keyless entry & burglar alarm
    The vehicle’s doors can be locked and unlocked from a distance thanks to an electronic sender built into the ignition key.

  • Audio visual navigation
    Drivers should never get bored on long journeys with the Starex audio- visual system which includes a touch screen navigation to complement your entertainment centre and reverse camera screen.

  • Cruise control system
    Automatically maintains the speed set by the driver even after releasing the accelerator pedal.
    * For Premium and Deluxe variant only

  • Rear air conditioning controls
    Rear seat passengers can choose to control their own air conditioning levels.

  • New Folding Key
    Get used to the convenience of locking and unlocking your Grand Starex. It provides protection against any unauthorised entry.


Choose a Specification
Category MPV
Model Name Grand Starex Royale
Body Type Van
Seats 11 SEATS
* Price MYR154,888.00
Engine Label A 2.5 CRDi (VGT)
Engine Capacity 2.5
Fuel System CRDi
Displacement (cc) 2,497
Max. Power (ps/rpm) 170 / 3,600
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 441 / 2,000~2,500
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves of Cylinder 16
Transmission Type 5 Speed Automatic
Drive Type Automatic
Gear (Speed) 5
Overall Length (mm) 5,125
Overall Width (mm) 1,925
Overall Height (mm) 1,935
Wheel Base (mm) 3,200
Front Wheel Tread (mm) 1,685
Rear Wheel Tread (mm) 1,660
Front Over Hang (mm) 855
Rear Over Hang (mm) 1,070
Cargo Area(VDA) 4,308
Wheels & Tire
Front Wheels 6.5J x 16
Rear Wheels 6.5J x 16
Front Tires 215/70 R16
Rear Tires 215/70 R16
*Prices are inclusive of GST and excise duty, without insurance and subject to change without prior notice. Only valid in Peninsular Malaysia.

All information, image illustrations and specifications stated here are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice, thus, may differ from those shown in the website and brochure. Please consult the sales personnel for full information and availability on colours and trim. Price is subject to change without any prior notice.


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